Where can I use MoviePass?




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    jun wong

    What does "most theaters" mean? These are the theaters I like to go to. Will this card work at all of these locations?


    • AMC theaters
    • Regal theaters
    • Landmark theaters
    • Sundance Cinemas
    • Edwards Theaters
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    Hi! We support all of the theater chains listed, except Landmark and Sundance. Let us know if you have any other questions! 

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    Mir Tanwir

    Does it work at Cinemark. I don't see any theater listing in my area, AMC or Cinemark.

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    Mike Wood

    Does it work with CAtheatres (Coming Attraction Theatres)?

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    MoviePass supports Cinemark theaters, as well as several Coming Attraction Theaters! 

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    Mistie Maskil

    I just signed up and if those theaters are supported, why are they not showing up on my app?

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