Can one MoviePass membership be used for two people?




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    Craig Mason

    We've got two kids, if a family membership became available, we'd join.

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    Keith Winchester

    So it seems that they cleaned out the comments section on this topic? They told me basically that families aren't welcome VIA email and they were quite snarky about it.

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    Raymond Travis Becraft

    A couples plan would be perfect for me. I'm already subscribed, but if I could add my girlfriend to my subscription I would.

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    Rickey McDaniel

    I'm another one for couples pass, me and my wife see movies all the time.  It would be nice just to order two tickets from one account.  Instead of having two accounts...  Of course there are times when see movies when we are not together.

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    Ryan Combs

    I mean how hard would it be to let us double, triple, quadruple, etc our monthly payments to be able to buy 2 or more movies per day? If you are a family of 4 this means everyone gets one movie a day, if you are a couple you can see 2 per day if you felt like paying double, if you are a lonely single guy you could see as many in one day as you are willing to pay for lol. Seems simple. So what, my wife has to have her own card? seems like a waste of time and effort

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    Jessei Rae

    see for couples everyone having their own account is fine whatever. i guess a feature that would allow you to have friends list so you can make sure you and your friends/family can all get into the same show is what people really want? or like what about people who dont have cellphones?

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    Alex Dick

    my family of 4 would instantly join if there were a family options, as my kids are both under 18 and cant be members...  still worth it for my wife and I, but holding out for a family option (with 1 card, not multiple)

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    Jason Kirk

    This would be a great feature.. please add!

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    Definitely having an option to add a kid would be a big help. I don't mind need to sign up for another card for spouse.

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    brijesh chavda

    Wlll join, if you guys allow families. Not useful for family guy. 

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    Stephen Newport

    We would rather have a "couples" plan with one card, +1!

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    Jeff Reese

    I agree with the comments I would pay twice or three times for the extra ticket or 2

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    Susan Armstrong

    I would also join if my husband and I could do this together....or better yet just have a member plus 1 plan. That way I can bring say, my Mom one time or a friend from out of town.

    Member plus 1 and I'll join.

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    Tony Andreoli

    I really hope someone from MoviePass is reading this.

    Not having multi-person support really limits the usefulness of this product.  In my area, all theaters are assigned seating.  This means that I can’t use the kiosk or website to purchase tickets for my wife and I, as I am forced to make two independent purchases, and there’s a real chance that the second seat I’m trying to buy would be taken by someone else during the individual processing time. The only way I can do it and ensure side-by-side seating, is to go to the ticket counter and provide two forms of payment for my wife and I (provided side-by-side seats are still available).  Then, I also risk the chance of it being sold out since I waited until the last minute to buy.

    This problem grows exponentially when you take a family with multiple children into account.

    Come on guys, this really isn't that hard to resolve.  Using the exact same model you have now, increase the monthly fee by the number of users a person wants to support, then increase the backend to allow that same number of ticket purchases daily.  

    Boom!  You're welcome!

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