Are there any restrictions?




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    Please consider a 2nd tier to include IMAX/XD/Dolby Atmos and I would happily pay the extra price even if it was $30 a month.  Or allow for a discount of these upgrades.

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    At some theaters and in some cities, Fathom Events cost less than normal 2D movie tickets. Are they still considered to be "enhanced or special screenings" if there is no "upcharge"?

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    Jane Doe

    Can you see the same movie more than once? The MoviePass twitter account has said both that you could see the same movie again, and that you can only see a movie once. Which is the case?

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    Kevin Bookbinder

    Is there way way to utilize the movie pass for movies that are second run and cheaper than a regular movies, but are technically in premium format? Currently Cinemark is running all of the older Marvel movies in XD which would normally be a premium showing but they are charging $5 a ticket which is half the price of a regular screening.

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    Julie Gehring

    Jane Doe, I'm with you.  I see no restrictions on seeing the same movie twice (which was part of the reason this was cool, to justify seeing Wonder Woman over and over...) but I see some 3rd party reviews saying that is a restriction.  What is it???

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    Juan Dela Cruz

    it is allowed to see movies multiple times

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    does close encounters and beauty and the beast count as "special" screenings? Don't see them listed on the app and when I search it comes up blank.

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    There is a facebook group called movie pass chatter. Would love to see you there.

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    Nancy Cohen

    I would be happy to just receive my card! It's been six weeks since I ordered it, I have submitted countless emails regarding the status and all I receive back are generic emails saying they are overwhelmed and working on sending out the cards in batches but apparently someone has recently shuffled the orders so the "first come first served" promise is now out the window. They have also taken down the chat feature on their website as apparently there were too many complaints so now there is absolutely no way to contact this company!! They need to do a much better job with customer support!  If I did not have a friend who actually received a card (ordered AFTER me, by the way) I would think this was a total scam!  

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