When checking in, I noticed that my showtime is missing. How can I see my film?




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    My local theater is currently showing 9 movies. None of them are 3D, IMAX, or PLF. All of them are standard 2D showings. However, my MoviePass app shows only 3 available movies with 1 showtime apiece. I cannot get through to customer service no matter how hard I try. Any advice from anyone?

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    Sam Heldt
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    Tran Lieu

    The app was functioning normally so I went to the theater after 5, then it wouldn't pull up showtimes for any theaters on the list. Tried contacting support in app and via email but never got an answer. I kept refreshing but it never worked, I also didn't hear back. Ended up wasting a trip.

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    Christopher Colao

    This happened to me as well last night. In the past, these issues were always resolved with a quick phone call. The elimination of the over-the-phone support makes resolving the technical issues (for example, I already know the showtimes for the theater I want to go to tonight are wrong) arduous. 

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    I've had issues with the wrong times being listed under the wrong theater, and even some imax times are listed unblocked but also unlabeled, apparently I got an imax ticket for "It" last night and couldn't get in, yet the app allowed me to check in. It would be helpful if they added labels to the types of screenings for things like the above and 21+ screenings, etc. The chat features pretty useless at the moment as well...

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