A MoviePass Member Associate authorized me to purchase my ticket out of pocket. How does the refund process work?




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    Rajesh Veluchamy

    i have purchased 3 tickets and sent to support@moviepass.com but i am not getting any confirmation like your refund will be processed with in few days. 

    Instead it is asking me to again go and read the same FAQ.

    Now i am afraid if i will get my money back or not. 

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    Brad G

    Currently going on FOUR movies in August they have YET to reimburse me for.
    And this is from me paying $35 a month since 2012. I am starting to think that I am going to get zero help from ANYONE at this company.

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    Harsha Hy

    I had unlimited plan for Me and My wife's accounts and we were charged multiple times for old billing rates and new 9.95 billing rate. I have send them an email multiple times and no response or refund yet. I am scared now how can MoviePass has such a low quality of service for existing customers.

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    Kelsey King

    I've been using MoviePass since 2015 and still haven't been able to get in contact with them or just use the app in general since the launch. Anything that does come back is automated responses directing me to what theaters MoviePass is available at, which doesn't in any way address the issues I contacted them about. I really hope they get this cleared up soon. Like Hasha said their quality of service for existing customers is really awful at the moment...and by awful I mean completely nonexistent.

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    Has anyone who signed up Tuesday 08/15/17 received their pass yet?


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    Rajesh Veluchamy

    Yes, i received it. my friend applied on same day but he didn't received it.


    I think other will get it shortly. 

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    Tom King

    No card yet and no response to ANY of my NUMEROUS "SUPPORT" Tickets. 

    Some support 


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    Jeremy Ethridge

    I see this was asked days about but in case you're still wondering.... Yes. I signed up Tuesday 8/15 and I finally received my card today. My fiance, however, has not and I signed myself up, and then signed her up immediately afterward so we both created our accounts on 8/15.


    Like I'm assuming you did, since you're asking about accounts created on 8/15, we received an email a couple weeks ago saying we would receive our cards by the 5th if our account was created prior to 8/16 so even with getting it today, it was a week late. We'll see when my fiance's card arrives.


    Things that make you go hmmm...

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