Can I use MoviePass to purchase advanced tickets?




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    Kai Soder

    Do I have to wait two weeks (like some movie coupons require) to go see a film newly released if there are seats, say, on opening day?

    Also, can I pay an upcharge to see a movie in 3D and/or IMAX?

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    Hart Slager

    Are you able to purchase tickets via the app at any time during the day of purchase, or only within 30 minutes of the movie showtime?


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    Paul Klapperich

    Hart, I asked this same question a few days ago and they clarified, updated this answer, and deleted the comments. IF your theater supports e-ticketing with MoviePass (most don't) you can buy tickets via the app anytime the day of the movie without first going to the theater.

    If your theater doesn't support e-ticketing with MoviePass then you can still buy tickets earlier in the day, but you have to do so at the theater.

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    Some theaters offer tickets days/weeks in advance at the box office, couldn't you, in theory, sign in to movie pass, pick a movie, then just go to the box office and buy the ticket for a movie in the future? Can't really imagine that the theater nor the card itself can actually authenticate that you are using a prepaid mastercard to buy tickets for only a specific showing.

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