What if the movie that I want to see is sold out? Or, what if I’ve changed my mind?




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    justen m

    I just reserved a ticket for IT from the parking lot. I walked in, and the showing I picked was sold out. There was no OPTION ANYWHERE to cancel my pending reservation. I did not see the "Sold Out? Changed Mind?" button on the Check-In page! Is this a bug in your Android App? Or did I just not see this option, despite searching for it?

    I waited for my pending reservation to time out, as the app said it would after 30 minutes. After 45 minutes, it still hadn't timed out. Is this another bug?

    I guess I'll try again tomorrow. Show up early, buy a ticket, have lunch, and then come back. I really hope this works. I hope I am able to see IT, because I was never able to buy a ticket. I just made a reservation.

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    Jennifer Wartick

    I'm having this exact same issue. Also on android.

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