How do I change the credit card on my account?




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    How to know this MoviePass is not a scam, since I did sign up I can not login and MoviePass has charged my bank credit card and their support team is not responding.


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    Zak Clark

    The support team refuses to respond. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS

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    Bryan Scholtes

    This is exactly the problem I am having. I'm heartened by the CEO guy on the news saying they were overwhelmed, so I'll give them a bit more time. 


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    Jeremy Espinosa

    Same issue and have not received a response yet.

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    Annabelle Ramos

    I'm also experiencing this same issue and can't get a response!

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    I've been to 3 movies on the Pass and it works great.


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    Johnny Yu

    I lost my card. What now. Trapped in a limbo 4 levels deep

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    Scott Cruz

    I see a lot of movies in the theater. Just this year as of today 9/10/17 I have seen 138 films in the theater.

    I subscribed to MoviePass on 8/18/17 and got my card 10 days later. I had a few issues at first but after realizing it was user error, I was able to get MoviePass working just fine. Since using the card starting on 8/31/17, I been to 7 movies and it worked excellent. Out of those 7, one movie (IT) I saw twice, once on opening day 9/8/17, and then saw it again today 9/10/17. I have saved $49.30 in ticket sales with MoviePass!! Without MoviePass I would have spent $59.25 on these 7 movies alone.

    This app is great, I don't understand how this company can afford sending me to the movies (and multiple other people) but I appreciate it. I am spending money in concessions (today I spent $22 and some change). Hopefully MoviePass will eventually get a piece of that from theater chains. I'm guessing that is their plan. Movie theater's make their money on concessions, and this new low price should be driving more people to the theater.

    Tomorrow I'm going to see 9/11, Tuesday I'm going to see True To The Game (both movies don't look very good, but with MoviePass paying, it's hard to say no! Wednesday I will go see Hazlo Como Hombre before work. Again, it's on MoviePass!! Love this service, I don't know how they are doing it lol.

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