How do I reactivate my account?




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    Gerald Stockstill

    What reactivate instructions?? Where??? 

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    Mark Friess

    Anyone have a clue how to activate Movie Pass card. Company chat does not respond.

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    srinivas nadella

    Looks like a bogus company. I purchased this membership over a month ago and did not receive any communication from them. Planning to dispute my charge.

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    I have had my Movie Pass Card for 2 years and have never had any problems until the new company took over. SOOOO disappointed. 

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    Alena Budzko

    I received my card more than 2 weeks ago, and since then still can't use it. Support doesn't respond, wrote to them 3 times. The app doesn't work, it says "we can't find a user with your credentials', it's working on the websitebut there is nothing I can do.

    Such a mess.

    They charged me immediately though when I purchased the card. Of course.

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